Flexible Arrangements and Fixed Fees

Transbay Law Group tailors fee arrangements to your budget, project and time frame.  We have arrangements to suit nearly every need and budget including daily rates and hourly fee-for-service.  Having served as in-house counsel, our lawyers frequently become part of your management team and business partners.

Transbay Law Group's fees are lower than traditional firms.  We have better access to the latest WiFi networks, mobile apps, hardware and cloud-based technologies than traditional firms.  We outsource our administrative functions and are not overloaded with young lawyers, law clerks, paralegals, IT and support staff.  As partner-level lawyers, we get the job done right the first time.  Technological advances have greatly improved our productivity.  As a partner-only firm, clients avoid the extra cost of training a carousel of junior associates and para-professionals.

We are committed to clear, concise and simple billing practices.  For specific, defined projects in a multitude of practice areas, we offer fixed-fee daily, weekly and per project arrangements. 

Clients seeking On-Demand general counsel services often chose project-based services at a pre-determined fixed fee. Clients with less defined projects may prefer an hourly-rate that is substantially less than the rate charged even by smaller law firms. Clients with recurring peaks in need may choose a semi-regular weekly or monthly arrangement with even greater discounts.  

Clients with recurring peaks may want a Transbay attorney 1 day-per-week or 1 week a month.  This rate is often about one-half of the rates charged by large firms for comparable levels of expertise when translated into an hourly rate.
We don’t charge for regular photocopies, domestic phone call charges, mileage or other incidental expenses.

Contact our Managing Partner to discuss your specific project, requirements and fee structure.

“Transbay Law Group is a great partner for us.  They are responsive, cost effective and accretive to the bottom line.  Their On-Demand business model works perfectly for us.  The Transbay Law Group attorneys are experienced legal experts with an amazing talent for business development.  Transbay Law Group's services are value-additive and a net revenue producer.  If you haven’t tried Transbay Law Group, you owe it to yourself to give them a project."

Transbay Law Group--On-Demand Client  
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