Litigation and Dispute Resolution Services

Transbay Law Group guides businesses and individuals through pre-litigation dispute resolution negotiations, settlement discussions as well as litigation management involving: 
  • Commercial Disputes,
  • Breaches of Contract,
  • Business Torts,
  • IP infringement,
  • Real Estate Disputes/Landlord/Tenant Matters
  • Defamation Allegations,
  • Trade Secret Misappropriations and
  • Unfair Business Practice Disputes.

Transbay Law Group advises a broad range of internet business models, enterprise software companies, asset managers, mobile application developers, ad management companies, investors, brand managers, content distributors, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and service companies.

We offer our clients mix of in-house and large firm experience for small firm value.

Extending In-House Counsel Capabilities

Transbay Law Group extends your in-house capabilities--especially for legal departments without litigation lawyers.  We serve as in-house litigation counsel--on an on-demand and on a part-time basis.   For companies with in-house litigation lawyers or staff, we supplement their work instead of expensive outside counsel.  In-house litigators are often overburdened and lack the resources for lawyers or high-priced law firms with in-house experience.   We are your support when the projects pile up--Team Members without the Financial Commitment.

Managing Day-to-Day Matters for General Counsel

Litigation management often distracts General Counsel from their core-function of advising their Company's management teams.  They are experts at day-to-day legal matters, but they often lack litigation backgrounds.  Transbay Law Group manages litigation to budget and controlling costs.   We bring experience and efficiency to your department whether you engage us to work at a reduced cost or act as part-time “in-house” litigation counsel and manage outside resources.   

“We turned to Transbay Law Group when a special project consumed our in-house staff. Transbay jumped in immediately and kept our legal matters moving along productively, efficiently and effectively. We are pleased with Transbay's service. They are focused on small and growing businesses. We give Transbay Law Group attorneys specific guidance on how much we want to spend on a given task. If it takes longer, they let us know. We get high quality legal services for a for a fair price."

Transbay Law Group--Litigation Management Client  
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