Scaling Legal Department Operations

We can scale the size and scope of your legal department, keep more work in-house, lower legal costs and support your legal's operational needs including: IP Management, Contract management and Administration Manage Board of Director Relations, Subsidiary Management, Records Management, and Corporate Governance.
  • We drive Legal Depart. deliverables and lead Key Projects
  • We support initiatives by Sales, Licensing and Marketing Departments.
  • We coordinate Finance, HR, IT, Sales legal functions.
  • We can source evaluate, test and implement technology solutions throughout the legal department.
  • We can establish internal eBilling systems, budget, train, benchmark, goal setting and track results.
  • We develop and maintain innovative programs including training, internal Wikis other media enterprise-wide.

Stuart Hays, Managing Partner
Transbay Law Group, PC
303 Twin Dolphin Drive, Suite 600
Redwood City, California  94065

Specific Skills and Experience:

  • Project Manager - We are team players that drive numerous projects simultaneously, identify and resolve legal and business issues, and prioritize.
  • Change Agent - We have the ability and flexibility to embrace frequent change in all forms.
  • High Standards - We have the impeccable integrity, good judgment, seasoned analytical skills, superior oral and written communication skills and infectious can-do approach.
  • We are independent and effective in a fast-paced environment.
  • Our results above expectations.

Transbay GC manages the legal needs of small and middle market companies for less than traditional law firms. We serve as virtual general counsel for clients without In-House legal staff. We tailor fixed-fee, hourly or daily rate structures.

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