General Counsel Services — Part-Time

The best attorneys are also business advisors, not simply clerks or legal assistants.  Transbay Law Group's attorneys have served as business executives as well as in-house counsel.  Our lawyers combine commercial insight and industry knowledge with a practical problem-solving.  These insights solve minor problems before they grow into catastrophes.   

We Help Our Clients:

  • Accelerate closings for important transactions
  • Protect and monetize intellectual property
  • Resolve business issues creatively
  • Reduce legal overhead by right-sizing your legal staff to your specific need
Unlike law firm attorneys, Transbay Law Group’s lawyers are available to work at your site.  Being assessable doesn't increase your costs--it reduces them.  Our fees are approximately half of those charged by large firms--for longer engagements, even less.  We will attend meetings, outline options, brief management, prepare you for board meetings, discuss business strategy, help build alliances, identify JV opportunities, suggest new product ideas, implement new policies or train staff.   

We don't replace outside specialists, we manage them and control their costs.  We reduce overall legal costs, improve work product quality, accelerate turnaround and reduce reliance on expensive outside attorneys.  We report to the board regarding the status of litigation, financial, M&A, SEC filings and disclosures and other specialized projects.  We often lead negotiations with outside counsel, negotiate their rate structures, vet their qualifications and review their invoices.  We do not replace law firm counsel, we enhance their value in an additive manner that accretes to the bottom line. 

Contact our Managing Partner to talk about our part-time general counsel services.

“Transbay Law Group is responsive to all the deals--and potential deals--that we discuss with them.  They work seamlessly with our Board, investors, management and outside contractors.  Transbay Law Group is simply the best law firm I've ever worked with. Our lawyer is efficient, accurate, and offers the practical insights."

Transbay Law Group--Corporate Development Client  
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